‘Broken Sun, as my nanuo always said, Broken Sun rised every human day, m’ boy but it wasn’t always broken. Before the Great Dark, after the Era that humans called Atomic, the Sun gave yellow and blue light – Day and Night. They came in as seven and they started the count again. After the fourth turn, came the Full Moon and after every three of them, came Cold, Wet, Hot and Warm. Sun gave life to men.’

After a long, hard working day, you get a meal and drink in the communal cave. You chuckle with your co-workers, and politely talk with the A’las ( caste of your people that prepare the food ). You are waiting for Taha, the oldest, the main wordfabricator. The erg is close. You gather your silver mug and sit in the big circle around his chair.

You live in a dark cave. You never saw light. You never saw a face before. All you can see are energies of living things, and they are now very close, very intimate near you. In a almost perfect circle. You look up and you see a new energy, one you never felt before. A shallow murmur and a total silence.
The great yellow energy, almost white, starts talking. You know his name. Every Ouahe knows it. He is the main Quart, an illusive shaman that dwells in the Amberic Stalasso. Suddenly, every energy in the massive oval cave smolder into spark. That is the Ouahe that can see Mother.

His voice, cracked and ancient, pummel clearly off the halls. He had a vision. Mother has reached out. A group of Ouahe has to leave their placements and fulfill their quest.

He pointed at you.

The only words going through your head, as they are leading you to The Amberic Stalasso, are the words of your people, of Ouahe people: ‘Imar si kata, O’Ouahe alas skiy’.

Those who are called on, they must serve.

Scree In The Dark

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